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Geometric Print Indigo Handblock Shirt

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Vendor: Pinstitch SKU: ANSHU_070_S


We call this shirt enchanted, for it casts' quite a spell on wearing.

Fabric: Cotton
Color: Indigo
Fit: Casual / Regular
Sleeve: Half Sleeve
Collar: Regular
Pattern: Bagru Indigo Handblock
Buttons: Wooden 

Know your Handblock

Indigo block printing process starts with soaking indigo plant bundles that helps extract the vibrant blue dye. Alongside, cotton sheets are laid out to absorb the color. Hand-carved wooden blocks are used for applying a wax resist to the cotton fabric. Once the fabric has been dyed, the areas with the wax application continue to remain white and the rest of the cloth takes on the dynamic shades of indigo.

Fabric care: It is important to note that since Indigo prints are made from natural dyes, the color may bleed. Please wash separately.  

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